Chakras are energy centers
along the spine that interconnect 
our Mental & Emotional “selves”
with our Physical body.

Our life force energy
moves up & down and all around
our 7 Chakras. 
Each one corresponds to a color and it's vibrational frequency...

The first chakra is the foundation of emotional and mental health. Your connection to traditional familial beliefs supports the formation of identity and a sense of belonging to a group. 

The second chakra is your center of personal power, creativity, sexuality, and finances. Issues of physical survival, control, and one-on-one relationships are at the core of this energy center. 

The third chakra furthers the development of self-esteem and personality, separate from your tribal identity. This is where you learn to draw and maintain strong boundaries and a personal code of honor.

Here lies the powerhouse of the human energy system. From its middle position, the fourth chakra mediates between the body and spirit, and determines their health, strength, and balance.

The fifth chakra is the center of your struggle with choice and the ability to release your will to Divine guidance. Its essence is faith - faith in our fears or faith in the Divine.

The sixth chakra is the energy center of intuition, intellect and reasoning. Known as the “third eye”, it involves our mental abilities, and our psychological skill at evaluating our beliefs and attitudes.

The seventh chakra is ou
r connection to our spiritual nature and our capacity to allow spirituality to become an integral part of our physical lives.

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